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A Irfan Collections is a retail store established in Kohat, offering a wide variety of goods to meet the diverse needs of the community. Irfan collection is a central hub for local residents and businesses like beauty parlour, hair salons providing essential items and a place for social interaction. Here are some key features and aspects of irfan Collections.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Range of Products:

    • Groceries: Fresh produce, canned goods, dairy products, snacks, and beverages.
    • Household Items: Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and basic home essentials.
    • Hardware: Basic tools, nails, screws, and other hardware supplies.
    • Clothing: Basic apparel, including workwear and casual clothing.
    • Miscellaneous: Toys, stationery, and seasonal items.
  2. Personalized Service:

    • Customer Relationships: Owners and staff often know customers personally, leading to personalized service and a community-oriented atmosphere.
    • Credit: Some general stores offer credit to regular customers, allowing them to buy goods and pay later.
  3. Local Goods:

    • Supporting Local Economy: General stores frequently stock locally produced items, from crafts to food products, supporting the local economy and providing customers with unique offerings.
  4. Central Location:

    • Community Hub: Located centrally in towns or villages, serving as a meeting place for residents and often including a post office, bulletin board, or other community services.

Modern Adaptations:

  1. Evolving Product Range: To stay competitive, Irfan collections have expanded their product ranges to include modern conveniences like electronics, gourmet foods, and health products.
  2. Online Presence: Irfan collections have embraced e-commerce, allowing customers to order products online for delivery or pickup.
  3. Specialty Services: Offering unique services such as daily deals, espacial discounts etc


  • Competition: Facing stiff competition from large chain stores and online retailers.
  • Supply Chain Issues: Managing inventory and maintaining a diverse product range with limited storage space.
  • Economic Pressures: Operating in small markets with limited customer bases can be financially challenging.

Community Impact:

  • Economic Backbone: Often a vital part of the local economy, providing jobs and supporting local suppliers.
  • Social Role: Serving as a social gathering point, helping to maintain the social fabric of small communities.

Irfan collections continue to play a crucial role in many communities, balancing tradition with modern needs to serve their customers effectively.

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